Thursday, August 11, 2011

A week away

SO we leave on the 19th. Its right around the corner and I still don't feel like we are actually going. Will it feel real when I close my suitcase? when I explain to my friend on how to feed my cat? when Amanda takes us to the airport? or will it finally sink in when we land in Dublin?

I am still iffy on what to pack. Sweaters, jeans, and scarves are a definite, but the girls at work think I should have some night outfits. Of course then I'll really stick out like a soar thumb. People in the local pubs don't get all fancy. Heels would definitely be stupid. It will be the first trip I take and I don't pack a pair of heels.

Our itinerary is pretty set now. 3 days Cork, 1 day Kerry, 4 days Clare, and 2 days Dublin. We are going to the Seal Sanctuary in Lispole and are horse back riding in Clare. Both places will be amazing. Kaitie was along for the ride until the Seal Sanctuary thing... now shes going crazy planning everything...just kidding. I guess I will allow one thing for her. lol.

Slainte. Jillian

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