Friday, August 12, 2011

7 days

So, I finally get to say something! yes it is 7 days away. I am some what packed- there are things in my suitcase, but not very neat.Its not so I wont wear the clothes, cause most of these clothes i wear during the spring and  fall or when I lived out in Crescent City,CA. Its mostly so I wont trip over something in my room and do a face plant at 3am.
  I am along for the ride. I personally dont care what we do cause Ill be in Ireland! IRELAND! I mean I have never traveled off of North America. So my only request is an Irish seal center..but hey thats what I do. Im seriously curious at how they do the same thing... both medically and physically. Not to mention who with the Irish government handles that. So many questions so little time. Ask Jillian about all the farmers markets we have to hit or why she wants to try blood pudding- why, cause thats what she does. And she says shes not counting...but she is. She has been since like May. Im surprised she hasnt packed yet. And no, no heels in my suitcase either...not that there has ever been. Shocking. I know.
 But the days are winding down and as the 19th gets closer we both get more and more excited. We will definitely take the Irish countryside by storm. I will be taking tons of pictures so stay tuned for those! I took over 300 during a week in Maine...imagine what I can do for a 10 day trip in Ireland. Itll be alot.

Slainte   Kaitie

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  1. woohooo! I'm actually kinda jealous! Though Australia is on the top of my list Ireland is suppose to be amazingly beautiful! Have fun girlie!