Friday, August 26, 2011

bionn siulach scealach

Can I start by saying, Damn I'm hurting in places that have never hurt my knowledge. And before you get all TMI on me... we went horseback riding today.

Yesterday, we woke up here in Clare with loads of things to do. We drove to see the Cliffs of Moher which were such a sight to see. I can't really begin to describe the feeling one feels when standing on the edge watching and listening to mother nature crash against the edge of the land. It is magical and hypnotizing and brings new meaning to edge of the world. I found myself wondering as I did at Loop Head what it would be like to stand there without the crowds, without the man made boundaries. and with a full blown storm coming through. I'd give anything to feel that power. Sometimes things are ruined by tourism and the Cliffs, though, extremely beautiful and something I would never regret seeing, are. Their power and awe is lost with crowds and gift shops.

After we left the Cliffs and crowds behind, we drove to Corofin to find out what exact information is needed to track our ancestors. If we provide parents names of our g-g-grandpa and approximate date of birth, we can find where he lived prior to leaving and his family history. This is something I will be looking into further down the line. From Corofin, we drove into the Burren to see the Poulnaborne Portal Tomb and the limestone mountains. Next we drove to Ballyvaughn and took the coast road all the way back. It took us like two hours because we stopped twice to take pictures of the coastal scenery and Galway Bay. We gotta a little something something for someone special. It might be you...I'm not telling. And we finally got through Miltown Malbay and were rounding the bend when I looked at Kaitlin and asked if she wanted to go to Spanish Point to watch the sunset. DUH right? So we sat on the coast where nobody else was with the tide coming in and watched as the sunset over the Atlantic. Beautiful.

We rolled into our B&B early and caught up on blogs, sleep, and postcards. I tuned into some British Talk show that had guest PDiddy, Vince Vaughn and some blonde comedian. It was hysterical. I found this entertainment actually entertaining. Wish I could watch this at home. Wish I could just watch only that. Kaitlin was just saying how when we walked into the grocery store, while she was waiting for me, she loved the fact that the magazine rack was filled with people we had no idea about. Boy bands have some popularity out here still. Westlife (anyone remember them? the backstreet boys of Ireland?) are still going strong here. who knew right?

So today... we drove to Mountain View Horse Trekking in Lisdoonvarna to go for a hour trek. Peter and Steffie were our guides and there were five others with us, a group from Munich. I got stuck between that group and the guide up front was all I could here. Unfortunately, Steffie and those five were not speaking English, so there I am, on a horse that could rear up and throw me or gallop off to BFE Ireland or kick me once it throws me, sitting with the feeling that my saddle was slowing shifting to the left, nervous as all hell, wishing pain on my sister who was chatting and laughing it up with Peter our cute Irish guide. Then, they were like lets trott. Steffie gave directions/suggestions in someother damn language. Peter informed my sister what to do and there I am with a horse that doesn't mind getting pooped on (because he stuck his nose up the other horse's ass), enjoys biting the butt of the horse in front of me, and I'm sure sensed my fear and laughed his beautiful horse head off at me, going CRAAAAP. I saw my life pass before me each time we tried trotting. 3 or 4 times. Gray hairs are appearing.  And yet, I decided to go back again ...2 hours. At the time, I rang Peter my body was like, "eh, no worries". Now, I fear the pain. Aleve will be my friend.

Saw one Farmer's Market which consisted of three tables. Although, sundried tomatos were worth every pound/euro. When we got back to the B&B, I decided to try and shower again. This morning's drama with the water still was present. The water temperature ranged from Freezin to Scalding and Back again in the matter of ten seconds. It repeated this pattern throughout the "shower" which I took in the two seconds on each side of the pattern where the temp based into the bareable range. Came out Freezing and with the mother of all headaches...yes if you are suffering from a headache, it is true my ache probably gave birth to yours. sorry. Ate a toasted local goat cheese, pear and walnut salad followed by Bailey's chocolate cheesecake with the best damn ice cream I've ever had and Hot tea.

Driving on the right/correct side of the road which is the left here isn't that hard. I don't even mind the narrow roads considering I have a tiny car. But I must say a plethora of colorful words escape mouth when people don't MIND THE MIDDLE LINE! Seriously. Then, there are those who pass others with no regards to oncoming traffic. I almost came to a complete stop from going 90km mind you because some jack was going the wrong way in my lane... he waved at me as i laid on my horn. International peace sign almost made an appearance. Come on people!

Tomorrow, Ennistymon and BallyVaughn farmer's markets. Then, Horse back riding, then a Guinness with Peter. Tired=Bed.

Cheers. Jillian

PS: The title is Gaelic for "The Traveller has tales to tell." oh yeah we went to Newtown Castle

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