Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 weeks and a few days

I'm not counting, I promise.

Ireland is our first out of the country take over. We've already experienced the Boston area, Lincoln City, Oregon, and the Florida Keys together. We leave on August 19th and arrive in Dublin on the 20th. It seems so far away yet I know it will be here before I'm ready for it. We will be staying in Ireland for 10 days and hopefully be able to update this blog often throughout our trip. It will save us on phone calls and postage.

Not much is planned definitely, yet. We have an idea of everything we want to do. The first few days are booked but from there, we are winging it. Schull, Ireland is our first stop. Three nights here to get to know some locals and explore the Mizen Head peninsula. Saturday night will be spent in a local pub of course. Then Sunday a farmer's market. I'm so excited and Kaitie, well she informs me she is just along for the ride.

I think packing might be an issue. Ten days in weather that changes quicker than a hormonal woman's moods. But it won't be crazy hot. I've told layers is the best way to prepare. I'll probably start packing sooner than later.

Can't wait.- Jillian 

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