Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A month later

We've been home for almost a month now and not a day has gone by where I don't lovingly recall our adventure in Ireland. It seems like everyday I run into a person who has yet to see my pictures or hear my stories. Everyday I relive that amazing trip my sister and I were lucky enough to take. And everyday I miss it. Miss it so much I long to find a new person everyday just to talk of the place I live to see another day. Everyday I wish I was there instead of here. But life goes on and I'm not there, I'm here. Make the best of it.

its amazing how sometimes a place or person or event can change you or help find you. Bring clarity on your life and what you want. I know I want to teach. Almost always have known even though I've gotten sidetracked and it seems still have a hard time finding the gumption to finish that damn education degree. But really I know I need a small town. A place where a can sit outside and be completely surrounded by oxygen and nature. These city fumes choke me and I long for pure oxygen. I want peace no hustle no bustle. I feel more able to be me in that place. Ireland was like a no holds bar for me. In Ireland I was completely me, so very me. I didn't put on a show. I was stress free and according to my sister, "Stress, its a killer" so stress free  is a very great thing to be. Its not something I am often. But I'm working on it.

SO goals: finish school, find somewhere to move to, to be me.

Cheers, Jillian

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Slan Leat to Ireland

A month has gone by since we returned from Ireland. My sister eagerly took some of my pics and printed a portion for the peeps at work as well as our family members and friends. I am uploading my own portion as we speak as I intend to show them to my CA friends when i travel there next week.I have also uploaded a portion on FB. Our Ireland trip seems like a lifetime ago. I look at our pics and smile. I loved it there. We had a ball, We had a blast. But will we return?
  I know Jillian already has plans in the works for a trip sometime in 2012. And if I know her, a countdown as well. But as for me...well. I loved Ireland, dont get me wrong. I loved the people. I loved the air. I loved the landscape. I loved the animals. :-) But Ireland isnt going anywhere. The world is a big place and Ireland is only a single stop for me. I would like to explore Australia and New Zealand I think next. I had set it in my mind a long time ago that I would be thrilled to dive the Great Barrier Reef sometime before it dies. (Not me, it) At least abroad. I think Ill take these next few years or so and continue to explore my own country. Ive been through alot of the states and have visited a good many on both the east and west coasts, but there are some places I have yet to see. For instance, Montana and Glacier National Park. The Dakotas, with the badlands and Mt Rushmore. Las Vegas, New Orleans, ALASKA! Hawaii, even Southern California  and maybe even see the Grand Canyon (it might be a big hole in the ground, but I hear its quite pretty in the winter). Have not set foot in Yosemite or Yellowstone. Never been to Minnesota, Colorado, or Idaho. Theres lots yet I want to do and Ive got nothing but time. Money however is a bit of an issue. My Grandpa always said" no crime being poor, just damned inconvienent". That thought certainly runs through my head these days.
  So for now, I work and I save and I apply for jobs in my field.I look at my pics and plan scrapbooks and maybe Ill frame a few.  Who knows? maybe fate will smile upon me and Ill land a job using my degree and then move to a new city/town and begin again. Keep your fingers crossed. You just never know where Ill end up or what country Jillian and I will explore next.

PS The title "Slan Leat" means Good bye in Gaelic. You say this to the one staying behind, you say "Slan Agat" to the one leaving.