Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forecast: Some Rain, Some Sunshine, Some Clouds and between 11and 15 Celcius

Yes Yes. We know. No blogs from yesterday. No internet yesterday. But here today, in the sweet Seacrest B&B, we have internet and we are here til Saturday. Lets think here. Tuesday:

Tuesday, we left Schull after having one last breakfast cooked by our lovely hostess Katarina, with real bacon. Stuff in the States we claim is "bacon" isn't. Its a rip. Trust me. During breakfast a couple staying there chatted us up. They were from England and told us everywhere we should hit up if and when we go to Wales and Scotland. Super awesome Brits. Not cold at all.

We went through a lot of towns, Ballydehob, Bantry, Ballylickey, Glengariff (my favorite) and into the Gougane Barra Forest Park crossing into County Kerry. The drive was kinda challenging but it was breathtaking. Once we got to the top of the mountains, we pulled to the right side (on left was cliff) and got out to climb even higher. I felt like I was reenacting the end of Sound of Music, that song "Climb Ever Mountain" playing in my head as a soundtrack. Except we weren't escaping Hitler. And they weren't as high. But they were remote and so so so quiet. I know that if I lived in Ireland I would certainly choose a special place where I could disappear from the world. And the best part, my brain was not going over time with thinking or work. It was just me and nature, chillaxing and enjoying life.

Once we got back in the car, we drove on down the line, where we went through several tunnels that were amazing. We stopped again. Surprise and Kaitie took her seven hundred millionth picture. : ) (and yes I'm happy for all her pictures because I'm driving and she's capturing.) We randomly came around the bend and out of nowhere Molly Gallivan's Cottage and Traditional Farm. It is part of a druid circle as well. They had stones that align with the sunrise on Nov 5th. and across the view there is a monument that is directly in the center of the sunrise on the summer solstice. Pretty cool. We spent a good hour exploring and they had some pretty cool crafts around.

We headed next through Kenmare (got lost and had to pee) We asked for directions to Killarney and got on our way. Did you know that public restrooms are super hard to find?! Now Kaitie and I stop every chance. The drive to Dingle of course was long because there was a car two in front of us that insisted on going 60km when it was posted as 100km...(probably Americans) lol. Lispole was our next stop for the Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary. Kaitie was in heaven. 12 Seals. 6 being in the nursery and 6 in the larger pools. 11 were common and 1 grey. We watched them get fed and Kaitie chatted and yabbered and blah blah. But she was happy and I didn't really mind. They are trying to talk her into staying longer here. Lucky brat. : ) From Lispole we traveled to Tralee just in time for the Rose of Tralee festival... kinda like Miss America but you can be from anywhere as long as you have Irish connection somehow. Maybe next year I'll be Rose of Ohio. Lol. Tralee was busy and the party lasted til 2AM. With fireworks in the end. Crazy. We lasted til 11pm. Driving and sightseeing all day. I was tired and once again fell into my bed.... BTW MY LUGGAGE FOUND ME!!! YAY! Clean everything is amazing to have. Don't forget to count among your blessings clean underwear!

Kay and her husband were quite chatty in the morning and we didn't get out of there until 11 though we were ready to go at like 10. But they were completely sweet and we actually enjoyed their conversation. They told us all about their adventures in NYC. It was humorous. We had a bit of a drive ahead of us, not as long as Sunday or Tuesday but still it was driving. We went from Tralee to Tarbert, got on the ferry to cross the Shannon and in to Killimer. We then headed to Kilkee and Loop Head. Loop head was/is amazing. Breathtaking. Like standing on the edge of the world. Just you and the sea and the rest of the elements. On one side you see nothing and the other you can see the Dingle Peninsula. Absolutely fantastic. And hey maybe next time I'll rent the lighthouse for a week to stay in. sleeps 5. That would be awesome. right? who's in?

After Loop Head, we traveled on through to Quilty. As soon as we got here, which by the way the road up to the B&B is definitely a one lane road, really hope i don't have to play chicken with a tractor, Angela made us tea and gave us the tour. We unpacked and took a load off. Then, I convinced Kaitie to hop back in the car and drive another 40mins to Kilfenora where on Wednesday the Kilfenora Ceili Band would be playing at Linnelane's. A 100 year old tradition to have this band. Three fiddles, some kind of flute, a guitar and concertina like instrument. We got there around 6 and just made it in time into the church ruins and high crosses before the cutest little old dude locked up. He took us around and told us all about anything and everything. Told us we could find Quilligans (pronounced Cullagan) in the southwest of Clare and some are in Ennis. He also suggested we travel from the Cliffs of Moher through Doolin and onto Ballyvaughn. "the best drive in Ireland" he said. and we plan on making it. After the visit, we headed to Linnelanes to wait for the band. I'm glad they serve dinner because the band wasn't scheduled to start until 930. We enjoyed some delicious Irish Stew and Bulmers (Irish cider) with a Guinness head. The band was worth it though. We would've stayed longer but the darker it got the more I realized driving at night 40mins around curves with narrow roads and stone walls that are very unforgiving surrounding you would not be fun. It couldve been worse.

Now I'm in my home away from home and I'm ready to sleep. Kaitie will write tomorrow as it is 1:00am here and tomorrow night I will post again. The Burren and possibly the Cliffs of Moher tomorrow....who knows.


Loop Head

Shannon River Car Ferry...Mine is in the middle by the truck

on top of the world

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